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How many words in english language 2014

This question might be much more difficult to answer that you thought. This article See also: Is it true that English has the most words of any language?. Many people estimate that there are more than a million words in the English language, click to find out more. Since you probably meant the language, here is how I would go about it. Originally Answered: How many words in English? .. Answered Feb 7,

This is a list of dictionaries considered authoritative or complete by approximate number of total . The latest volume (15th) published in ends with headwords beginning with the "How many words are there in the English language?". The 95/5 rule in language learning”. If you haven't done so already, read through Part 1 before continuing! How many words in the English Language. The English Language passed the Million Word threshold on June 10, , at a.m. The future of English as a major language was very much in doubt.

Posts about how many words enter the english language each year written by In , the OED added more than 2, new words. But for my poor computer, that's too many, for reasons too technical to go into here. Suffice it to say . Anonymous June 4, at AM English Language has the maximum number of words than any other language. As of January 1st, , the number of words in the English language was: 1,, This is the estimate by the Global Language Monitor. These may seem to be quibbles, but discussing other languages, they become fundamental. Some languages inflect much more than English.

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