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Rose oneal greenhow confederate spy

After losing her husband, Greenhow became more sympathetic to the Confederate cause. Greenhow was an advocate for. Rose O'Neal Greenhow, née Rose O'Neal, (born c. , probably Montgomery county, Md., U.S.—died Oct. 1, , near Wilmington, N.C.), Confederate spy. Rose O'Neal Greenhow was the Confederacy's most celebrated female spy at the start of the Civil War. A popular Washington widow and hostess, Mrs.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow was a Confederate spy and wealthy socialite from Washington D.C.. Born into a large slave-holding family in Maryland. Rose O'Neal Greenhow was born in Montgomery County, Maryland in Fearless spy for the Confederacy, glittering Washington hostess, legendary. Rose O Neal Greenhow and Her Daughter Rose [Photographed at Old in Washington, DC, and a spy for the South during the Civil War.

Allan Pinkerton, head of the new secret service agency of the Federal government, places Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow under house arrest in. The first important Confederate spy was a young widow named Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Mrs. Greenhow, as everyone called her, was born in the South but. Allan Pinkerton found himself in an awkward position outside the home of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, one of Washington's most prominent. Without the shadowy help of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, the Confederacy would have been hard-pressed to win the First Battle of Bull Run.

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