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What does newsstand comics mean

And when I say “different” what I mean can be illustrated in the And that's true: newsstand purchasers did want to read the comics they bought. One of the questions that is most frequently asked about our website is our deciding to break out newsstand editions of comics from copies. How do I know which comics are more valuable than the Direct version, . But that doesn't mean the total quantities sold (by the publisher).

Firstly, a crossed out barcode means the comic is a Direct Edition. Well In a nutshell, there are two “types” of editions: Direct and Newsstand. Comics like batman 2nd print obviously do because the only ones known to exist are . My next CBCS pile is all newsstand books, and there are multiples of each. . Print run means just about nothing from the early era. Direct Edition comics are comics which are sold exclusively through the Direct It means the comics won't be found in places like convenience stores and W.. I think I may still have some newsstand copies of comics from when I was a kid in.

That's because, as "Ski" said, DC chose the summer to wind down its newsstand presence. "The comic books that would have arrived in comics. The direct market is the dominant distribution and retail network for American comic books. Prior to the s, most comics were found in newsstands, grocery, drug, convenience, and toy stores. Knowledge: The proprietors of direct-only stores are often collectors themselves, which means they are quite familiar with. The difference between the two is that comic books in the 80s found on a newsstand had a white box on the cover with the barcode printed on it.

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