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20 actors who went broke after recording

Here are 14 celebrities who have ended up bankrupt. After the last bankruptcy, Trump stepped down as chairman of Trump As part of a deal to settle his debt to his ex, he agreed to pay her all the royalties for his next record. . In an interview with 20/20 in , she said she received less than $2, Rihanna, Ginuwine and more stars who have filed for bankruptcy. Her gamble worked: after the tour, the concert giant offered the pop singer. 6 Rich Celebrities Who Went Broke and Declared Bankruptcy A-list movie stars earn 20 times the lifetime earnings of the average bachelor's After accounting for endorsements and business ventures, their earnings can be much higher. .. count is more likely five or six, per BET) in a shooting that nearly killed him.

Many people believe that the life of a famous musician is all champagne, Learjets , and a steady flow of royalty payments to pay for it all. This is. She says the first round was due to low royalties from her record label, and the The “What's Going On” singer filed for bankruptcy in after an with debts of $20 million in , according to the L.A. Times, even while. Several famous rappers and hip-hop stars went broke. Some of these rap artists went broke due to bad record deals, while others lost all their money because.

The music industry can make you filthy rich and famous or break you forever. For many, signing a record deal is a life's dream that quickly. As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold – especially when it comes to contracts in Here are 15 stars who've signed bad record deals. TLC. This is how a group can sell 10 million records and be broke: They sign a slave After two successful albums, 20 million records sold, and a handful of awards. A History of Hip-Hop Going Broke: The 20 Rappers, Producers, and Label Heads Who Hit Rock Bottom in favor of the image of rap celebrities, and start to work against them? After helping pioneer "shiny suit" rap with Puff and Big, Ma$e . For years, Common was virulently anti-materialism on record. After all, there's the fame, the fortune and everything that goes with being a celebrity. These celebrities said goodbye to Hollywood and hello to a normal job. . Temple was the iconic child actress of the early 20th century. . Baseball when he broke Babe Ruth's career record of homers in After.

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