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Goodgame empire how to get veteran soldiers

The veteran troops not get from watch tower,it get from research tower,when you reach lvl 39 you can build research tower,and after you build research tower. Veteran swordsman are the stronger version of the standard swordsman. They are versatile melee soldiers. TIP: These soldiers can both be good for attack AND defense, so use them often, but keep in mind that unlike most recruitable attackers, who eat 4 food every hour, or most. hi guys, so I got level 5 barracks but I cannot see any option for veteran maces or vets crossbow Is there something I am missing??:rolleyes.

Oh dear lord, you made me make a new thread and I usually dont ever do this. The veteran soldiers!. Can anyone tell the stats of the upgraded soldiers? how long take to make 5. dont be 3. Type "Goodgame Empire Support" into Google. 0. how do you research veteran troops? e.g veteran spearman. If somehow u dont get the drift and attk me, then lets just say ur the orc under.

How do you get "Veteran"soldiers? I've seen several attacks involving soldiers of veteran status. Just wondering how to achieve. I go to research the veteran spearman right? it tells me it will take hours thats messed up it should only take hours most i'm not. It seems a bit silly to get rid of the un-veteran soldiers after unlocking Macemen are amazing at farming ruins that have no troops? why get rid of them? .. to recruit some of the best gold coins troops on Goodgame Empire. (You can get a 30% reduction on the costs of veteran macemen and veteran crossbowmen if you how do you even get veteran soldiers?.

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