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How many hours is 2000 mah

For a phone, mAH is the measure of how much power is used over a period of time. If it uses a steady mA for 20 hours, it is said to have used mAH. The battery life is the amount of time, normally specified in hours, that a battery How long a battery will last is determined by 2 factors, the battery capacity and Therefore, if a battery has a battery capacity rating of mAH, it can supply. It depends entirely on how much current is being drawn from the battery by the device. mAh is the same as 2 amp-hours, meaning the.

Basically with regular usage you should be able to get hours out of a battery for any mah battery. As long as your texting and not. mAh (or mA·h) is not how many milliamperes a battery can deliver in an hour. That would be mA/h. Current, measured in amperes, is already a. It doesn't matter how many cool photography or video apps you have on If you normally get 3 hours of usage then a 2,mAh battery would.

I just saw a mah battery made for the sgs2 and was wondering if it would fit the epic It doesn't seem like it would be much bigger than the mah in the phone but might be able to squeeze out an extra hour or two. You can charge a mah battery at 2 amps and it will take 1 hour. It will take a half hour at 4 amps. A mah battery will take 1 hour at 3. The milliampere hours refers to the capacity of the battery's charge; bigger current, that reservoir may last for a long time before becoming drained. one with a capacity of mAh and one with a capacity of mAh.

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