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How to cover drywall water stain

No amount of scrubbing can remove a water stain, so repair is necessary. Paint over the repair with one or two coats of primer as needed to cover and let it dry. Let the drywall dry, then brush on a coat of stain-blocking oil- or water-based primer. Cover an area slightly larger than the stain itself. Once the primer has dried, use an acrylic or water-based paint and paint brush to cover the stain. It's likely the entire ceiling or wall will need a fresh coat to make.

Do you have a stubborn water stain on some drywall? Before you whip out the paint, try this tip: mix a solution of 10% bleach to water, dab the. Primers and stain killers have special binders and covering agents that can block If the drywall and paint are solid, just paint over the stain. Fixing Water Stains on a Drywall Ceiling then use drywall joint compound to fill the gap and.

What's the best way to cover them up? And since the stains are dry, can I assume that whatever caused them is no longer a threat to my home? A: A water stain.

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