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How to disassemble a ps3 controller

This guide shows the steps for taking apart a Dual Shock 3 controller for the Playstation 3. It focuses on four main components: the battery, buttons, vibration motors, and logic board. Using a mini Phillips screwdriver, unscrew all five screws. PS3 Wireless Controller Teardown: This will be a teardown of a Sony PS3 controller. Repair and support for the controllers that shipped with the PS3. Released mid , the I can fix my PS3 controller without opening it? Random Pressing.

The PlayStation 3, or PS3, is the latest video game console from Sony. The PS3 controller features an embedded power button and dual-shock. Here's how to open up your Xbox or PlayStation controller and fix its Clean, Repair, or Customize Your Game Controllers with a Little Disassembly .. Like the PS3 controller, you can replace the buttons, triggers, thumb. If the controller is under warranty, you should contact Sony support for your region. If not, you could try opening up the controller yourself and having a look.

Taking apart a Dualshock 3 is relatively simple, but putting it back together is not to simple. If you have a broken button or have smashed the controller off the. Custom PS3 Controller Paint Job: I have always wanted to give my PS3 controller a one of a Start off by removing the 5 screws on the back of the controller.

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