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How to do brows for men

Don't Do Anything Dramatic. A man tweezing his eyebrows. PeopleImages / Getty Images. Eyebrow grooming for guys doesn't mean removing. Take a hot shower or apply a hot washcloth. Hot water opens your pores and will loosen hairs that are close to coming out. Take a shower as. Everything you've been doing to your eyebrows is wrong. Yeah, that sounds extreme, but bear with me. I, too, was an eyebrow novice.

It doesn't take too much effort to learn how to trim your eyebrows, but it Take a moment to reflect at how long these little guys are and how. How to groom your eyebrows? A simple question. But something many men have no answer for. Why? Because most men are able to make it through the first. Shaping and maintaining men's eyebrows is important. A lot of guys don't know where to begin, but with these steps you'll be a guru in no time!.

A false move with a tweezer can turn a 'he man' into a 'she man', so here's the If you do want to reshape your brows (but please do ask a. “Then someone says, 'Hey, let me do your brows. Let me arch them!' I think it's great, but at the same time they kill it when these guys have.

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