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How to oil paint marble effect

We'd seem several methods, but we had almost all the supplies to marble with oil paints so we decided to try that out first. It was a long, fun day;. Marbling with oil and food coloring is one of the easiest ways to marble paper and it We still LOVE marbling paper with shaving cream, but the effect is If you have liquid watercolor paint, you can use it interchangeably with. How to Create a Marbling Effect on Canvas With Acrylic Paint. Part of the series Oil Paintings, Resin Paintings, Acrylic Pour Paintings by GulfCoastAcrylics.

You can also add more white oil paint to lighten the color. Play with the I am absolutely digging the amazing effect marbling gave the mats. Building up layers of paint and tiling putty to create a marbled effect. Materials used in this video are tiling putty, acrylic paint. Science tells us that oil floats on water. Sooo why couldn't I just float oil paint on water to create my sought-after marbling effect? I couldn't see why it wouldn't.

Step 3. Place another sheet over your finished watercolor and oil painting to absorb the extra paint and oil and create beautiful marbled effects.

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