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How to use mud pots for cooking

In this article: How to use clay cookware properly? How to season it before first use and how to cook in a clay pot? Why cleaning in a. You cannot use a new clay pot for cooking without first seasoning it. Learn how to do it to avoid having your pot break with your fish curry inside!. Clay Pot Cooking Directions: How-to use MEC Pure Clay cookware for different types of cooking; baking, slow cooking, on stove-top etc.

Cooking in these mud pots is pure pleasure. Back to Basics . That's my Your clay pot is cured and is ready for use. Deep frying in your mud. Fill the pot half way up with water and in a separate bowl take cups of water and add 3 tablespoon ( ml). of flour. Use any flour such as rice, wheat. Clay pot cooking uses no fats and produces tender and juicy one-pot meals. As with microwave cooking, use added fats only as a seasoning. Do not place a.

Cooking in clay vessels has a long history, stretching back to at least the ancient Roman times, and is still a favored way to cook today.

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