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Motorola moto g how to screenshot

Take a screenshot - Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) Forward a screen capture of a friend's contact information. moto g4 plus apygobigej.ml Here is a quick guide on how to take a screenshot with the Motorola Moto G. Press and hold both the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN. Take a Screenshot - Moto G 2nd Generation. Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words. Share a screen capture of your favourite playlist, or your new high.

The new Moto G uses the same system to screenshot as its predecessor, as well as other devices running stock-like builds of Android. You might find yourself wanting to capture the moment on your Moto G, perhaps a special text message, a picture or a web page. No matter the. Home Support Motorola Moto G Play Capture a Screenshot - Moto G Play To capture a screenshot, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the .

For Moto G3, we can take the screenshots in the same way we do in Moto G 1st generation and on moto Digvijay Parmar, I know about Motorola, Moto series.

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