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What is an indefeasible title

The legal definition of Indefeasible is A right or title in property that cannot be made void, defeated or canceled by any past event, error or omission in the title. Lawyer, Kristine Biason explores indefeasibility of title by considering the Australian Torrens System and its requirement for registering land. Every indefeasible title, as long as it remains in force and uncancelled, shall be conclusive evidence at law and in equity, as against the Crown and all other.

Definition of indefeasible: Right or title in property that cannot be annulled, defeated, or made void by any past event, or error or omission in the title. For example. The register of titles is said to confer “indefeasibility of title” to the person or persons registered on the register as. An overview of the concept of indefeasible Torrens title, looking at the Queensland Torrens statute.

This means that, once an instrument is registered at Landgate, the title to the interest conveyed in that instrument is indefeasible (subject to very. Indefeasibility of title means the register is the definitive record of all land interests, and thus, the registered proprietor is immune to claims. (1) On application by a person shown as a fee simple owner of land with respect to which an indefeasible title has been registered and on production of the. Definition of indefeasibility in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English 11) The cornerstone of Torrens is indefeasibility of title of the registered interests.

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