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What is plural form of computer mouse

In computer terms, a mouse is a corded or wireless device that moves your computer's cursor while you move the mouse. In most cases, the plural of mouse is. For the small device used to guide the cursor on a computer display, many dictionaries endorse both mice and mouses as the plural form, and. Many dictionaries endorse both "mice" and "mouses" as the plural form. Some style guides will set a preference for one or the other. By far the most common is.

Normally, the plural of mouse is mice when you are referring to those real rodents . However, in the case of a “mouse” used for the computer, can you still use the. Well, the plural of mouse is mice, therefore logically it should be computer mice. But mouses is the word that is used by people in the IT industry - both within. Definition of mouse - a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large which is moved across a mat or flat surface to move the cursor on a computer screen. . Is the plural of mouse in the computing sense mice or mouses?.

Get Grammar Girls' take on what is the plural of mouse. Years ago, people who had a computer mouse in each hand could call them “mouses” or “mice. According to computer scientists and linguists, there can be two forms of the plural for 'computer mouse'. The first one, just like the biological version for the. How to use mouse in a sentence. plural mice\ˈmīs \ . 3 plural also mouses: a small movable device that is connected to a computer and used to move the. The OED actually lists "mouses" as an alternative plural form of "mouse" in the US. It could be old, obscure, or localized (i.e. redneck) usage.

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