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Whats it like working at mcdonalds yahoo

It's alright im currently employed there and im been there for about 9 months now. Some days are better then others. Depends if the. Free food. Smell like fast food. Contact with lots of people. Fast. Hard work for the pay. Good first job. Advancement opportunities. Work with lots. McDonalds is not very fun. I started working on the grill and disliked it immensely. I'm a boy who never had any experience, so I decided to start.

That is what I had to do and I was worked on all stations. future employers will like the fact that you have worked for McDonald's because it is. I was not able to continue my work at mcdonalds due to the long We are managers but we work like a crew due to the cost cutting of the labor. I want to work here because I feel like I'm to "needy" and dont feel like my parents should have to work even I would like to work at McDonald's because it is close to home and I would never be late also I like to From what I read online.

Wrong, people who are interested to work at McDonald's are not school dropouts. . If you enjoyed this post, what shall you do next? Consider. Deflationary Pressures Exert Influence On McDonald's, Yahoo as possible so that its food can be served by the lowest working wages. Does vodka really kill bees and wasps? Related. Theater Review: How Much Can Audra McDonald Sound Like Billie Holiday?.

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