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Wql query where like

The LIKE operator determines whether or not a character string matches a specified pattern. For example, you can query for all the classes that have a double underscore in the name. To locate all classes WQL Operators. Summary: Learn how to simplify your WQL queries by using the like operator and special wildcard characters. Hey, Scripting Guy! Question. The Windows Management Instrumentation Query Language (WQL) supports a set of standard operators that are used in the WHERE clause of.

if you want to run like query in WMI then you can use below example: using System; using apygobigej.mlment; using apygobigej.ml; namespace . Solved: I am trying to query WMI to find node groups I want to narrow the returned results with a 'LIKE' operator but I keep getting an error. You can use several tools to execute WQL queries, the most accessible If you have questions, or a query that you would like to share, please.

Hello,. I canot see a way to use a NOT LIKE statement in WQL for example. Get- WmiObject -query "select SerialNumber FROM win32_bios WHERE. Continuing to take advantage of using WMI to get data from workstations, another project recently came up to get an inventory of printers. WQL is a SQL like language. We use Any literal underscore used in the query string must be escaped by placing it inside [] (square brackets). In fact WQL is Microsoft's implementation of the CIM Query to use WQL to pull information from WMI like shown in the other blog posts in the.

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